MOTORIZED USERS ARE BECOMING MORE OF A LIABILITY TO FOREST SERVICE “Statistics from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, or CAIC, show that 13 of the 26 recorded avalanche deaths in the U.S. and Canada this winter were snowmobilers, equaling the number of skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers and climbers combined…With this season’s statistical bump, CAIC figures indicate snowmobiling has surpassed climbing and backcountry skiing as the top recreational activity associated with avalanche fatalities since records were first kept in 1950. Since 1996, CAIC statistics show that 117 avalanche deaths among American snowmobilers have accounted for nearly three times the fatalities suffered by backcountry skiers.”  (SCOTT WILLOUGHBY, Denver Post, April 16, 2007)
“MULTI-USE” DESIGNATION LEAVES OUT THE NON-MOTORIZED USER“In most cases the designation “multi-use”

is a misnomer and is de facto single use: motorized. In other words, while skiers and snowshoers have access to multi-use areas, because of the motorized impacts listed above and elaborated in this report, the opportunity for a quality human-powered recreation experience is lost on forest lands designated as multi-use because those lands are in fact dominated by motorized use.” (Winter Wildlands Alliance, Kathleen E. Rivers, Mark Menlove, July 2006)


The Wyoming national forests contain:

– 1,592 miles of groomed winter trails

– 1,449 miles of groomed trails open to snowmobiles

– 143 miles of groomed trails closed to snowmobiles

The Wyoming national forests contain:

– 8,015,073 acres of land

– 4,905,161 acres of land open to snowmobiles

– 225,229 acres of non-wilderness land closed to snowmobiles

– 2,867,039 acres of designated wilderness land, also closed to snowmobiles

The NVUM surveys for the Wyoming forests show there are an estimated:

– 281,815 cross-country ski and snowshoe visits annually

– 486,675 snowmobile visits annually

Please visit Winter Wildlands Alliance’s report “Winter Recreation on Western National Forest Lands” at:


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